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9 pm - Social dancing (€5/1 LD)

8 pm - Drop in beginners class

7 pm - Drop in improvers class

and now introducing monthly progressive courses in yamamori.

8 pm - Beginners course for November with Lydia & Benedict - the swing out

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7 pm - Intermediate course for November with Lydia and Benedict - Charleston

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Taking 1 or 2 classes and social dancing €10/1 LD


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Local Swing Scene


Classes in Dublin

Tuesdays - The Grand Social - Happy Feet swing dance club!

Learn to Lindy Hop at our weekly social Night with classes for every leve followed by DJ's and bands playing the finest in hot & swing jazz, boogie, n blues.

The beginners class at 8pm is a great place to get started! This drop in, no partner or experience requirded class will teach you the essentials of swing dancing and get you out on the dance floor to show off your moves. This fun and relaxed class is an hour, then stay on after to practice and soak up the atmosphere. DJ's and occasional live bands add an extra twist to the night. It's €10 for the evening, or buy a block of 10 (Lindy Dollars) for €60 - making it just €6 a night. We wind the night up at 11:30 pm after our weekly social dance!

The beginners course is your next step. If you have done some drop in beginners classes and you want to start swinging out on the social dance floor than you should sign up for one of our monthly beginners courses. The class is at 7pm and is held 2 doors down in Yamamori. These courses are progressive and last for the month, (except in June, July August and December). The price is the same, 10 euros or 1 lindy dollar for the night. You can still take the drop in beginners class afterwards and stay for the social dancing! What a bargain!

The improvers class at 7pm in the Grand Social is a drop in class where we assume you have some dancing under your belt. If you know the swing out and the basic charleston than you should be challenging yourself at this class. Its drop in and no partner reqired and as per usual its 10 euros or a lindy dollar for the night and you can stay for the beginners class or the improvers course followed by the social dancing.

The improvers Course runs at 8pm and it is progressive and aimed at bringing people to an intermediate level and beyond. These courses run for a month barring the summer and december. This class is perfect for you if you've been Swing dancing a while and want to pick up new moves, rhythms, styling and technique. It's €10 for the evening, or buy a block of 10 (Lindy Dollars) for €60 - making it just €6 a night. Stay afterwards for the social dancing or come earlier and catch the drop in improvers class. Sign up for an  improvers course here.

 Tuesdays in Dance house!

Beginners/Improvers Tap: Discover the difference between a shuffle and a flap. Explore time steps. Release the playful rhythmical possibilities of your feet. Join Jessica Peel-Yates of Dublindy for an 8 week tap course.

Venue: Dance House on Foley Street.

Admission: €15 Drop-in or €105 for 8 weeks (includes free entry to Happy Feet in the grand social)

Tuesday evening 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

8 weeks from Tuesday 14th April to 2nd June 2015

Details at www.danceireland.ie

For further information and to book telephone: 01 855 8800 or email: info@danceireland.ie



Wednesdays – Route 66 at The Turks Head, Parliament Street, Temple Bar

Beginners Swing class, followed by DJed social dancing. You can drop in any week - no need to book! The Beginners class runs from 8.00pm til 8.45pm. There is also a "Beyond the Basics" Swing class, starting at 7pm and finishing at 7.45pm. See Route 66 page for more details.

The beginners Swing class is ideal for people who have never tried swing dancing before. Each week we take you through the basic rhythms and show you some moves to get you dancing. In the Beyond the Basics class, we'll take you beyond the basic rhythms and moves that you have learnt previously, and broaden your Swing dancing repertoire. We recommend you do a couple of months of 8.00pm classes before moving up to join us. Like the Beginners class, this is a drop in class.

Mondays – Boogie Beat Swing.

Jamie Furler teaches beginners and Improvers Lindy Hop classes. Classes are taught in a 8-week course at Studio 2, Cecilia Street, Temple Bar, D. 2. Beginners is from 7.00pm - 8.00pm, and Improvers 8.00pm - 9.00pm. Check out www.boogiebeatswing.com for details or email Jamie and Clare boogiebeatswing - at - yahoo - dot - com. or phone 087 202 4573. The courses are run by the National Dance Academy, so phone Contact the NDA on 0818 333 666 to book a place. Pre-registration for the class (especially beginners) is highly recommended.


Learn to Blues dance on Thursdays in Sin e with downtown blues

Blues dancing is growing all over the world and our friends at downtown blues are doing great work in Dublin. Take a beginners class at 8:30 followed by social dancing at 9pm and monthly improvers classes at 7:30pm all in sin e on the quays. Keep informed by liking downtown blues on facebook.