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New Progressive Courses on Wednesday evenings in Dance House on Foley st.


Lindy Hop for Beginners

30's Charleston track

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Studio 2, Dance house

January 18th - Febuary 22nd

6 weeks - €60

Spaces for leads and follows still available!

Register Here!


Lindy Hop for Improvers

with Julien Stoehr

8:30 pm - 9:30 pm 

Studio 5, Dance house

January 18th - Febuary 22nd

6 weeks - €60

Spaces for leads and follows still available!

Register Here!


Introduction to Swing Dancing

20s Charleston track

6:00 pm - 7:00pm 

Studio 5, Dance house,

Feb 1st - February 22nd

4 weeks - 40 euros.

Spaces for leads and follows still available!

Register Here!


Introduction to Swing Dancing

Balbos track

6:00 pm - 7:00pm 

Studio 5, Dance house,

March 1st -  March 29th

5 weeks - 50 euros.

Spaces for leads and follows still available!

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Classes in Dublin

Mondays - The Grand Social - Happy Feet swing dance club!

Learn to Lindy Hop at our weekly social Night with classes for every level followed by DJ's and bands playing the finest in hot & swing jazz, boogie, n blues.

The beginners class at 8pm is a great place to get started! This drop in, no partner or experience required class will teach you the essentials of swing dancing and get you out on the dance floor to show off your moves. This fun and relaxed class is an hour, then stay on after to practice and soak up the atmosphere. DJ's and occasional live bands add an extra twist to the night. It's €10 for the evening, or buy a block of 10 (Lindy Dollars) for €70 - making it just €7 a night. We wind the night up at 11:30 pm after our weekly social dance!

The improvers class at 7pm in the Grand Social is a drop in class where we assume you have some dancing under your belt. If you know the swing out and the basic charleston than you should be challenging yourself at this class. Its drop in and no partner reqired and as per usual its 10 euros or a lindy dollar for the night and you can stay for the beginners class or the improvers course followed by the social dancing


Wednesdays in Dance house, Progressive Lindy Hop & Swing Dancing courses!

We offer 3 different progressive courses in the amazing dance studios at dance house on Foley st. If you are interested in seeing some progress than sign up for our next course. Our syllabus is designed to teach you all you need to know to dance like a pro as quickly as possible.


Lindy Hop for Beginners, 8:00pm to 9:30pm studio 2

 Of all the swing dances Lindy Hop is the holy grail, its the dance you are watching in all the videos and this is the start of your life as a lindy hopper. Its a life long learning process but you can expect to spend 6 months in the beginners level to cover the entire syllabus before moving on to improvers and often people want to repeat some courses twice. The course is designed to teach you the most common rhythms and the fundamentals of connection so you can "Swing out" like a pro. If you want to join the current course late you can meet us before class and we can catch you up.

Lindy Hop for beginners - The 30s Charleston Track - Jan 18th to Feb 22nd - 6 weeks - 60 euros - Registration

Lindy Hop for Improvers, 8:30pm to 9:30pm studio 5

In this course we assume you have done all the Beginners courses and are familiar with the 8 count, 6 count and charleston rhythms and can social dance them comfortably while maintaining a clear and comfortable connection with your partner. In other words that your bounce or pulse is consistant through your dancing. If you feel you have nailed that then in the improvers you will learn how to explore these fundamentals to add some dynamics to your dance, changing rhythms and shapes and adding variations to express yourself more fully to the music and allowing your partner the same freedom.

We will run two drop in classes for the improvers group on sept 21st & 28th to brush up on the basics. Its a requirement to take at least one of these classes before attending the improvers course but go ahead and register.

Lindy Hop for Improvers - with Julien Stoehr -Jan 18th to Feb 22nd  - 6 weeks - 60 euros - Registration


Introduction to swing dancing. 6:00pm to 7:00pm studio 5

These monthly courses are designed for absolute beginners. They are short and easy courses that will give you a taste of the wide range of different swing dances you can learn. Each month we will take a different swing dance, 30'S Charleston, 20's Charleston, two step swing, balboa, shag and give you the basics to get you started on the social dance floor. Register now and dont worry about joining late, we will catch you up.

Introduction to Swing Dancing - 20s Charleston - Feb 1st to Feb 22nd - 4 weeks - 40 euros - Registration

Introduction to Swing Dancing - Balboa - March 1st to march 29th - 5 weeks - 50 euros - Registration



Wednesdays – Route 66 at The Turks Head, Parliament Street, Temple Bar

Beginners Swing class, followed by DJed social dancing. You can drop in any week - no need to book! The Beginners class runs from 8.00pm til 8.45pm. There is also a "Beyond the Basics" Swing class, starting at 7pm and finishing at 7.45pm. See Route 66 page for more details.

The beginners Swing class is ideal for people who have never tried swing dancing before. Each week we take you through the basic rhythms and show you some moves to get you dancing. In the Beyond the Basics class, we'll take you beyond the basic rhythms and moves that you have learnt previously, and broaden your Swing dancing repertoire. We recommend you do a couple of months of 8.00pm classes before moving up to join us. Like the Beginners class, this is a drop in class.


Learn to Blues dance on Thursdays in Arthurs pub with downtown blues

Blues dancing is growing all over the world and our friends at downtown blues are doing great work in Dublin. Take a beginners class at 8 followed by social dancing at 9pm all in Arthurs pub, Thomas Street. Keep informed by liking downtown blues on facebook.